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Learning is fun, it winds up being all the in like manner interesting when it is summarized with different activities in like way, might be portraying or playground development. For the multi dimensional development of kids it is commonly fundamental to give them outdoor learning as well. The development and development co-relates with the learning or we can say outdoor learning presents a dazzling help to mental and physical health of a child. “A healthy body has healthy cerebrum”- considering this we assist you in giving different sorts of school playground equipment for the outdoor fun activities at your school.


We Schoolscapes are the standard star collusion covering a wide region of UK, and have been working with different schools since latest 20 years. So we see what makes learning interesting and how it helps develop kids in a healthy condition. We develop our helping towards different nurseries, fundamental, helper schools what’s more in unequivocal fairs by get-together of equipment for school playground. Our team of experts will regard your requirements and the plan it as showed up by your need. We design equipment looking at the area of playground and how to introduce the whole setup or move to somewhere else.


Outdoor play equipment join moving over a tree, health track, pitch for different games, play area for sensorial activities. These solid games reinforce the physical development of the kids and grown-up other than. We give inventive approaches to manage regulate oversee control direct control learning by procedures for planning center equipment, innovative and creative equipment. Finishing hundreds of projects every year has driven us to give reasonably helpful equipment for the overall development of kids. Physical development of a child is enhanced by outdoor play way frameworks. The work done by schoolscapes has resounded well in UK.


The playground design, designed by our team has been acclaimed by different customers, and thusly gave a very stunning outcome. Close by outdoor playground design we what’s more give indoor play area design to learning in all the seasons which join swings, twisters, slants, practice center equipment, and so on. We promise you the fortunate delivery of products with easy installation and helpful for your pocket as well. We put all the efforts to offer you unavoidable and give traces of progress result. We have a whole once-over of our customers, for whom we have served on different occasions. For additional subtleties you can look at the tributes of our services on our site given by our gigantic customers.

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